Cindy Muni Psychic Medium

My Miracle

Text_1.jpgMy strongest psychic gift has always been clairvoyance, which is the ability to see things that are happening in the past, present, and future. Growing up, I would see pictures or visions of things before they happened. As I got older my premonitions grew stronger, and I would sometimes see a running video of future events. It never really occurred to me that I could use this gift to help someone else, until my senior year in high school.

It was a day like any other day, and I was sitting in the front row of my English class. Suddenly, the classroom disappeared. I was wide awake, and I was seeing a vision of my family room at home. I kept blinking my eyes, but the vision wouldn’t go away. Then I started seeing my youngest brother, who was 4 years old, running around the room chasing our Saint Bernard. I started feeling real emotional, and I was thinking about how much I loved him, when everything changed.

Suddenly, my brother lost his balance and crashed through the heavy sliding glass door leading to our patio. Shards of glass were everywhere. I kept looking to see if my brother was okay, but he wasn’t okay. He was lying face down on the ground, and his blood was everywhere. Then, spots of red blood started blocking my vision until I could no longer see my brother, and I knew that he was dead.

My emotions had gone from feelings of extreme joy and love for my brother, to the darkest feelings of despair, mourning him. I am the eldest of five kids, and growing up, my mom called me her “faith child,” because I have always felt this close personal relationship with God. In that moment, I felt like my faith was being tested. My God was a loving God, and a loving God would not show me this premonition, if it couldn’t be prevented. So, there in my English class, I said the “Our Father” in my head, and I begged God to save my brother’s life. After the prayer my sight came back, and I knew everything was going to be okay.

Two weeks passed, and I had forgotten about my vision. Then, one afternoon, I was sitting in our family room, and my premonition began playing out right before my eyes. My youngest brother was chasing our dog around the room, when he crashed head first through our sliding glass door. Jagged glass was everywhere. My mom and I raced to my brother’s side where he was lying face down on the ground. The only difference from my vision was that there was no blood. My mom and I gently turned my brother over. Then, we started picking off pieces of glass from his body, hair, and clothes.

When we examined him, he did not have one bruise or one scratch on his entire body. Then, I told my mom about my premonition in English class, and how I had prayed for God to save my brother’s life. We both burst out crying, and my mom started saying over and over again, “You saved his life! You saved his life! You saved his life!”

That is when I learned about the power of prayer. I realized God had given me my psychic gifts for a reason, so I could help others.